About the Project

About Medfin Bank Project

Medfin Bank will disrupt the health sector financing industry by creating a sector-based cooperative financial institution.

MEDFIN builds a financial institution dedicated
to serve and support the health care sector.

At Medfin Bank Project, we combine the latest technological features and developments within the banking industry with a cooperative financial structure's flexibility and productive elements.

We develop a cooperative institution rather than a cooperative bank to benefit and overcome dysfunctions associated with common cooperative banks.

We develop an ecosystem solution to solve broader problems that go beyond banking. We create a groundbreaking banking network to solve financial issues risen in recent decades in the healthcare sector.

Simultaneously, we create a cash cycle in the healthcare sector that supports its participants' economic development and is being fed by those participants' development.

Reserve your shares, became a member of our community and a founder of the MEDFIN BANK project.

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Problems & Solutions

Health sector contributes 6% of global GDP and accounts for 7% of total deposits in general banks while receiving only 1.4% of total funding.

Banking services have become expensive

In recent years, the cost of banking services has risen significantly. One of the main reasons for this are changes in the regulatory framework targeting money laundering and terrorism, forcing financial institutions to develop extensive and costly compliance departments

Another reason is the massive increase in NPLs (non-performing loans) during the last decades, leading institutions to create reserves for bad debt provisions and extensive debt write-offs.

Finally, low interest rates add pressure to most banks’ profits forcing them to find alternative sources of income to raise their profitability rates. That led to increased cost of noncredit services.

Even though they coped successfully with digital transformation developing substantial online services, traditional financial institutions cannot reduce costs due to their existing heavy organizational structure.

These unfavourable factors have led to high operating costs for most banks resulting in expensive financial services.



At Medfin, we develop an entirely new financial organisation utilizing the latest technological developments in financial services.

Being a new organization, we do not have any bad debts or unpaid loans for which we need to develop provisions. Furthermore, we do not have any heavy organizational structure to raise our operating costs.

Free from any burden of the past, we can focus on providing the best possible service to our members and clients, offering affordable products and services as well as considerable investment returns.

Reserve your shares; become a member of our community and a founder of the MEDFIN BANK project.


Traditional Banks lack expertise and misallocate their resources

The traditional banking model is following the generalist view. Trying to achieve high levels of diversification in their loan and investment portfolios, they spread their assets across different sectors of the economy.

If you lack expertise, this is indeed the safest way to distribute assets. But that means treating everyone equally. You treat a grocery store the same way you treat a dental clinic.

During the last years, the health sector has been the largest depositor in the banking system, and its development outperforms many others. However, credits to the industry are much smaller. 

Over those years, the wealth produced by this sector has been channelled into other sectors of the economy, depriving it of the necessary resources that would contribute to its further progress.


MEDFIN specializes in Healthcare

At Medfin, we rely on our in-depth knowledge of health sector finances to minimise our risk rather than spreading our resources across different sectors.

We build a cooperative financial organisation whose primary objective is to promote its members' economic interests.
MEDFIN BANK will belong to its members and not to some hidden investors.

We design it to offer its members full transparency on all decisions taken. Through our specialised voting platform, we offer our members the opportunity to vote and decide on critical issues of the institution.

MEDFINBANK will harness the enormous financial dynamism of the healthcare sector for the benefit of the industry itself.

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Early members Period has ended. Round 2 application period has started. Reserve your shares, became a member of our community and a founder of the MEDFIN BANK project. Join now and get unique benefits. Applicants of this round will receive unique benefits and bonus shares according to their application. Sign in to get access to the details of the project.

Round 3 Application period ends 31 October
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41% target raised
Submit your application

We do not ask you to pay for anything at this stage. You must submit your application stating your intention to participate in the project. We will only ask you to proceed with the payment of shares when we reach the target amount. Our project's auditors, will supervise all the procedures and verify all policies.

  • Round 3 Application Period Starts 1 April
  • Acceptable Currency GBP, EUR, USD
  • Round 3 Application Period Ends 31 October
  • Minimal Application 5.000 shares
  • Share Price 1 EUR
  • Maximal Application 1.000.000 shares
How Can I Join

Who can join the Medfin bank Project

If you are active in the health sector, join us and become a part of the new healthcare financing era.


We invite all physical or legal persons working in the health sector to join the MEDFINBANK project and become early members. Those can be doctors, private clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists.

Sign in and get access to the members' area and all projects' details such as the white paper, the business plan, articles of association and shareholders agreement.

To become a member, you should submit the online application stating the amount by which you want to participate and the service you require.

Among other unique benefits, early members will enjoy priority on their applications.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

At MEDFIN BANK project, we are developing a cooperative structure to take advantage of the benefits and to overcome malfunctions associated with the usual cooperative banks.


Structure details

At Medfin, we follow a model in which we operate a holding company in which all members participate according to the funds invested. The company sets up subsidiaries in which it holds the majority of the shares. These companies will become licensed banks or other financial services companies, and they will offer products and services to members and non-members alike. In such a structure, the cooperative characteristics are integrated into the holding company and not into other financial institutions. The members of the parent company benefit from dividends from profit distributions and capital gains linked to the share prices of banks and other financial institutions. These entities will operate as commercial entities distributing profits to the holding company and its members/shareholders.


Managing Team

Our team members have been active worldwide gaining valuable experience in their fields of expertise. Over time the team has built strong bonds and a unified strategy after long-term partnerships with all of its members.

Dimitris Galaktopoulos
Project Manager
Kostas Galiatsos
Treasury management
Michael Perdikaris
Risk Analyst

Advisors in the platform

Alexandros Vlachos
Business Development
Team User
Anna Syrri
Internal Auditor
Team User
Natasha Lupu
Digital Marketing
Team User

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector of the global economy with exceptionally high revenues, while participants in this sector have substantial assets. MEDFIN creates a cash cycle in the healthcare sector that supports the financial development of its participants and is also fed by them. It is a cooperative financial organization whose main objective is to promote the economic interests of its members.
MEDFIN BANK will serve only healthcare-related entities, providing solutions to the sector's problems associated with the increased cost of banking services, the ability to access financing instruments and capital returns.
At MEDFIN BANK project we design solutions that will improve financial control and minimize administrative costs while stimulating cash flow, and ensure connectivity to all parties. Medfin is a sector-based organization. Our team of finance and credit professionals will be working exclusively with healthcare organizations. This gives us a deep understanding of the challenges the sector is facing today. Our people are dedicated to helping healthcare industry participants, manage the changing realities and providing access to answers and outcomes that meet the community's needs.
Initially, all physical or legal persons who are active in the health sector can to join the MEDFIN BANK project and acquire shares from the holding company. These include doctors, private clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.
If you are a member of the healthcare community joining the MEDFIN BANK PROJECT will give you premium access in services such as access to MEDFIN's investment funds, special discounts on credit products and favourable repayment terms, lower fees to the sale of products and services through cards, favourable conditions for the renewal or purchase of new equipment, deposit protection, personal consulting and support on capital management issues.
Members who decide to participate in the MEDFIN BANK project at this stage are rewarded with unique benefits and rights, such as: Priority on their loan or any other service application. Immediate credit facility of up to three times the value of their shares in the holding company. Medfin will issue a bonus package of shares to early members who apply to purchase shares above a certain amount.
It's easy to join the MEDFIN BANK PROJECT. All you need to do is log on to the website and fill in the "My Profile" section. In the "Application" section you can submit your application to purchase shares in MEDFIN LTD and indicate how many shares you wish to purchase and which service you are interested in.
Once we reach the target amount and the application period ends, we will ask you to provide KYC documents to the project auditors. After your application has been approved, we will ask you to deposit funds into the bank accounts specified by MEDFIN. We will then allot your shares and you will become a member of the MEDFIN BANK project. We will also ask you to provide details of the services you are interested in so we can serve you immediately when the first subsidiary financial institution starts operating.
To maintain the cooperative character of MEDFIN, members can apply for a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 1,000,000 shares. The shares amount to 1 Euro each.

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